Traveling with Friends- Monday Blog Feature

Her Blog is an expression of ideal knowledge, I’ve a very bias idea about fashion( I basically wear majorly black, white basics) but her ideas made me have a rethink( lol, especially the post on minimalist 😄😁)


Touring Abuja

…he then did the weirdest thing, He smiled and said “na kwana”, I was filled with excitement, Was grinning when I replied “na kwana”. We continued the conversation in English however till we got into the bus taking us to the runway…


This is for A woman

This is for every strong woman there's May we know them May we be them May we raise them "I face this crowd, with sullen eyes and heart. In my Sprit purges injustice, that cannot be diagnosed taking down Systolic I tried to speak but it all came out slur ...


My Epiphany

They say coffee is a stimulant, so let me give it the credit on this post. I’ll like to imagine myself a matriarch on her way to discovering her kingdom. Effortlessly, the world has defined every individual in different ways, that majority of us succumb ...



Can you think of a six letter synonym of bibelot that starts with the letter g?no? Crossword puzzle whizz might guess words like “gewgaw” and “gimcrack”. "Bibelot” which English speakers borrowed from French, has uses beyond wordplay. In addition to its ...


A tad bit of the heart♥

Hello, so yeah, today’s only just going to be about life and preferences. No poetic words and literary terms (at least I’ll try to sound less inky and vocal enough) So, I’ve grown to find out the little obnoxious things that prick teens, my age group. T ...


Cri de coeur collection

 Winner 04 Let the Oceans rage My Heart will still age When snow falls like crystals And my life seems like a ritual But I tell you it’s only winter I’ve always been a winner She has a grip on me so fierce Her cold breath won’t let me rest She knows my ...


Once upon a Crown..

In depth, clumsy  Words, philosophy Over throned, words of fame Oh lay it down, in the fathers name Growing even has my heart is pounding. Thy kingdom's will, won't leave me mourning. Quenched. All that ever was buoy Oh Queen that hath ever been sore ...