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Tips on Writing for beginners

Topic Angle: If you are given a topic for an article or any write-up whatsoever, your subject should take a particular angle of expression, which you are supposed to find before doing your research. Why? So there would be vivid expression of your thoughts. An example: My post on Bandits and beggars,

A Play at the University of Ibadan- Death and the King’s Horseman

“The play opens with Elesin Oba, a local village chieftan as he walks through the local market, followed by a praise-singer. The king has died recently, and, as a horseman to the king, Elesin is to commit ritual suicide so that he may accompany him to the afterlife.


I'm still growing

Everything in life is strategic, with reason and purpose. You are reading this, every line inked with words, your mind is awaiting a retrieval, a rebirth, a renewal.  I am crazy, but voiceless, filled with melancholy, but anxious, faithful but br ...


What exactly are you fighting for?

[27/04/2018, 12:23:25 AM] Micheal: Ok let’s look at it this way
A leopard wants to be king of the jungle and doesn’t want to act like a lion
[27/04/2018, 12:25:30 AM] Micheal: For you women to be seen as leaders you have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you can do better than the current leaders ( the men ) you can’t do that by remaining “women”


Tradegy and Piece

Treacherous wills But you said it was good for me Fine wine and grills Then you said you needed me still In a world of depth and angst You'd find me buoy and cuddling In the mist of anger and fury You'd place me, where clouds are folding Meek distaste, in ...