I PRAY – Victoria Olajide

I PRAY is a solemn reconciliation of my heart prayers for every soul that has swam in deep emotional waters this past month. 

I pray


I Pray

I pray that we find strength in our weakness

I pray that we see peace settling among those sores

I pray that we find hope seated among our shores.

I pray we remember to pray for anyone feeling weak and useless.

I pray we don’t relent and settle for something less

I pray that we choose a structured government

I pray that we begin to live for tomorrow

I pray that every tear will extinguish our future sorrow.

I pray that in the seed of regret sprouts the fruit of gratefulness

I pray that our faith walks another day

I pray our unborn children make us stay

I pray we find a reason to remain undaunted despite this ugly mess.

I pray my message lives another day

I pray your soul doesn’t believe those lies

I pray your strength doesn’t cower in fear

I pray this menace doesn’t leave you sulking in regret

I pray that you have a strong support system

To kneel by your side and wash away every single memory

Cracking open those pages

Bring to life the spirit that united us to the warfront

I pray with my eyes open

My fist clenched

My knees jerking

My voice quieting. 


Everyday I pray for each child to grow up the right way, and learn with love, the greatest lessons of life. – Victoria Olajide.

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